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The 2023 SDG16 Data Initiative report, published at the mid-point of the 2030 Agenda, presents an outlook on the situation for SDG16 according to the non-official data and with the latest evidence, outlines the main challenges ahead and makes recommendations not only on improving data collection, coverage and quality, but also on stepping up efforts to achieve SDG16 by 2030.

The TAP Network and SDG16 Now published the Halfway to 2030 Report on SDG16+ which represents a joint civil society effort to assess progress towards peaceful, just and inclusive societies at this critical halfway point to the 2030 target date for the implementation of the SDGs in 2023. In addition to providing in-depth analysis around key SDG16+ issues, this report is also intended to provide key recommendations to governments and the international community on where action and ambition must be directed in the second half of SDG implementation to 2030. The report also provides insights into the leadership role of civil society in advancing SDG16+ at all levels to-date, showcasing best practices and case studies around civil society action.

SDG16 Data Initiative: Better data for ensuring no one is left behind (July, 2023)

In this event, the SDG16 Data Initiative will provide an outlook on the situation on SDG16 and compare the outlook based on current official indicators with non-official data. Participants will also provide recommendations for improving data coverage, using complementary data sources, having better indicators and of course, for meeting SDG16.

The 2022 SDG16 Data Initiative Report, jointly produced by the SDG16 Data Initiative consortium, aims to evaluate global progress towards realising Sustainable Development Goal 16—Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development. In addition, as we are nearing the halfway point for the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, the report constitutes a moment for reflection and clarification of priorities for all actors involved in this collaborative pursuit.

Recognising the need to support efforts to measure progress on the 2030 Agenda, 17 organisations came together to create the SDG16 Data Initiative, a consortium dedicated to the implementation and open tracking of progress towards the SDG 16 targets, using non-official data. The SDG16 Data Initiative has collaborated throughout 2021 to continue to assess challenges and opportunities to advance towards the fulfilment of the 2030 Agenda’s promise of peaceful, just, and inclusive societies and the achievement of SDG 16, which—just like the 2030 Agenda as a whole—has encountered an uphill race during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The consortium presents its fifth annual Global Report, which provides a broad range of stakeholders, including governments, UN officials, and civil society, with a resource to help them understand methodologies designed to support the process of measuring progress on SDG 16 targets. It also identifies gaps in both the implementation and monitoring of SDG 16, proposing recommendations to accelerate implementation and ways to measure it, in a context characterised by severe challenges to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

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