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Looking for tips, tools, and tutorials? Thiese guides focus on investigative journalism and provide case studies and examples from around the world. Most are available for free, unless indicated otherwise.

Learn to Discern: Media Literacy Trainer’s Manual (IFEX)

It’s about skill building, not prescribing a list of “good” or “bad” information sources to participants, or to criticize their choice of news outlets. Instead, we are equipping them with the skills and tools to judge the veracity of the content they read and to independently draw accurate conclusions about outlets’ reliability.

People have different views - acknowledge it, and leave your own political views outside the room.Politics may come up from time to time, and one of your jobs is to keep the participants’ minds focused on the task at hand - namely, improving their ability to discern good information and good sources. Keep them on task, and don’t try to convince others of your own point of view. You are creating a team of watchdogs who will be leading the fight against misinformation and manipulation.

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