Conferences, events, and session recordings

The DC-Sustainability has hosted several sessions at major conferences and fora around the world. Below is a selection of recordings and reports from the various coalition sessions.

This roundtable will assemble experts from media, governments, civil society, big tech, and academia to delve into the evolving regulatory landscape and its implications for the media industry. With the imminent implementation of the EU's Digital Services Act and the consideration in a number of countries of policies similar to Australia's News Media Bargaining Code, the discussion will center on how data, access, and transparency can bolster media sustainability in this rapidly shifting environment. The participants will examine the potential impact of these regulatory frameworks and explore how policies and practices can be developed to create an enabling environment for journalism and news media organizations. By considering these crucial developments, the roundtable aims to provide insights and recommendations that address the challenges and opportunities arising from the evolving regulatory landscape, ensuring a sustainable and thriving future for the media sector.

The nexus between long-term news sustainability and internet governance is undeniable and more important than ever. How are Internet policies affecting the ability of news organizations and journalists to sustain public interest journalism in the post-pandemic world? What can we expect from proposals to tax technology platforms to fund news media? How does the online advertising business model affect both Internet governance and digital journalism?

The session “Unbreaking the news: Media sustainability in the digital age” approached these questions and identified some of the challenges for the sustainability of journalism and media online, both looking at the trends and practices of digital media natives, regulatory frameworks and their potential impacts outside the borders they were conceived and the influence (and effects) of platforms’ internal policies on the sustainability of the media around the world. The full report and the recording of the session are available here.

This session examined several of the efforts to build trust in reliable news sources, some of which show promise and others that have struggled to gain traction, with a specific focus on their relevance and utility for supporting independent media in the "Global South" and non-English media. The session introduced how projects such as The Trust Project or Ads for News work, and how the emergency response to the invasion of Ukraine triggered new forms of collaboration between tech platforms and media support organisations and what lessons have been learned so far. The full report is available here.

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