Global Partners Digital (GPD)

Global Partners Digital (GPD) is a social purpose company working to protect and promote human rights values online, and the governance processes that uphold and further these values. Their two main priorities are to grow the number of civil society groups engaging in the internet policy and governance arena, and to make governments, public authorities, international institutions, and businesses aware of the benefits of internet policies and governance processes that promote and protect human rights. Relevant resources include:

  • A Rights-respecting Model of Online Content Regulation by Platforms

  • Content regulation laws threaten our freedom of expression. We need a new approach

  • Framework for Multistakeholder Cyber Policy Development

  • GPD’s Organisational Development Framework

  • GPD’s response to David Kaye’s report on platform content regulation

  • GPD’s response to the UK’s Online Harms White Paper

  • How to Engage in Cyber Policy video series

  • Some thoughts on the updated UN Resolution on Human Rights and the Internet

  • Travel Guide to the Digital World: Cybersecurity Policy for Human Rights Defenders

  • World Map of Encryption

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