Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe (CASE)

CASE is a coalition of non-governmental organisations from across Europe united in recognition of the threat posed to public watchdogs by Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation (SLAPPs).

The Coalition Against SLAPPs in Europe (July, 2023)

The 2023 report from the CASE presents an updated analysis of SLAPP cases, focusing on 35 countries. The report reveals a concerning trend: SLAPPs are increasingly threatening democracy in Europe, with the number of cases rising from 570 in 2022 to over 820 in 2023. These lawsuits often rely on defamation laws or similar provisions, with a median claimed damages value of €15,150.

SLAPPs primarily target journalists, media outlets, editors, activists, and NGOs, and they are commonly initiated against individuals. These legal actions are typically aimed at silencing discussions related to corruption, government actions, business practises, and environmental concerns. While the data offers insight into the nature and triggers of SLAPPs in Europe, it doesn't capture the full extent of the problem due to unreported cases. Nonetheless, the report emphasises the severity of the SLAPP issue and calls for robust anti-SLAPP legislation, aiming to stimulate discussions and solutions.

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