EU Advocacy - 2023 Priorities

During the latter stages of 2020, the European Commission issued a number of packages or initiatives that all jointly impact on press freedom and media pluralism.
These include [the]:
  1. 2.
    Rule of Law Mechanism/Report
  2. 3.
    Media and Audiovisual Action Plan
    1. 1.
      European Media Freedom Act
    2. 3.
      Audiovisual Media Services Directive
  3. 4.
    Digital Action Plan
    1. 1.
      Digital Services Act
    2. 2.
      Digital Markets Act
Together, these texts now cover a broad range of advocacy opportunities.
Mapping exactly what each text seeks to achieve and how the Commission is [on paper] seeking to marry these initiatives requires a few mental gymnastics.
Which is why GFMD has launched this resource to map out all the areas of concern.

Legislation & Regulation